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March 2, 2016 Current Status for the TweakLinux project.


As you may have noticed, a new website is currently being developed, and it will take a little while before every element is finished. This section, the news-section, is where you will get project-updates, and announcements of new releases and builds.


As you probably also have noticed, I have added a light-version of Colors, to get it below cd-size for those of you that still burn the iso's to cd's(700MB). The only difference from the full release, is that Gimp, VLC, and Evince has been removed, but they are still installable from their respective sections in the menu, and they will add themselves to the menu as executables, as soon as they are installed.


In addition, some fonts and wallpapers have been removed from the light-release, and a NON-PAE version has been added, but that's it. Whether you pick the full version or the light-version doesn't matter, because the light-version may easily become just like the full-version, by using the install-scripts from the menu.


Another change that applies to all builds, both the full version and the light-version, is that Iceweasel are the new default.This is done because chrome takes up more space in the builds. But Chromium, Chrome and Opera Stable is installable from the menu, and the menu also let's you select the default webbrowser.


I'm also working on reintroducing TweakOs-Dove, a release with a lighter app selection. PCManFM, leafpad and lxterminal are the core apps of that release. The 64-bit version is almost done, the 32-bit version has to be trimmed down a little more to go below 700MB, but I'm working on it. In addition, I'm working on this webpage, and I'm also thinking of some kind of support-section, so I have plenty to do. Things will be implemented as we go.


Finally, I don't consider TweakLinux or TweakOS as a official release or a distro. So if you feel that it lacks a bit in support, documentation and all that kind of stuff that makes a proper distro, then it's a correct observation. At this point I'm only testing the waters and sharing my debian remixes with anyone who can use them. I have not yet decided how "official" I will go with this project.


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